April 4th, 2011

Spirit Takes Flight

Happy 34th Birthday, Catina.

I love and miss you, Sissy. But if you're watching over us, you already know that and how I talk about things we did growing up. Even (especially!) the embarrassing stuff. Thank you for being my baby sister and becoming my friend when we grew up and came to our senses.

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Working Hard (Cam)

sometimes those plot bunnies are irritating

I'd mentioned in my story note for Into Dust that it was actually the second idea I'd had for the prompt. The first idea: SG-1 gets captured by the Lucian Alliance (I'm thinking it's Kefflin and his bunch). After the IOA refuses to allow a rescue because they say the 'evidence' shows the team as being dead. John doesn't believe the so called evidence is showing the truth, but he does believe that they're all being tortured. John doesn't want to bring anyone else into his plan to rescue SG-1 since it's personal because of his relationship with Cam (which he believes no one knows about). Another reason he wants to do it without his friends is because he also plans on just obliterating the Lucians who are hurting Cam. So John talks Todd into helping him get Cam back by promising that Todd's hive can have the Lucians for lunch.

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If I can figure out how John gets himself and Todd to where the Lucians are holding SG-1 in a way that's plausible then I can take off with this story.

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