March 12th, 2011

Pick Up Pieces (John)

finally this day is over

Today has not been a good day as I'm sure you all can agree.

The topper was mom being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. The ER physician only wants her to stay overnight but that doesn't take away the fact her left lung is filled with fluid. She's been rattling in her chest all week and having more and more difficulty breathing and I was so afraid that she did have pneumonia but she was waiting to see if the antibiotic shot she received from her doctor would work. She's also been worried about her blood work that was supposed to find out if she'd suffered a mini-stroke. She didn't tell me but I believe she told my aunt (this is how I find out anything in this house) on the phone that they had come back "clear". I don't know why I'm not satisfied by this because there has to be a reason for having difficulty swallowing and occasionally slurring her words, not to mention the fact that they didn't bother to check her out further so that this chest cold didn't turn into pneumonia in the first damn place.

Anyway, I'm glad the day is done. My friend is relatively safe over in Japan. My mom is getting more meds. And the kids are unconscious.

Oh, and one thing that does make me feel a little perky... I got to put the fear of god into a couple of the kid's friends after they didn't want to get off the tailgate of the truck the first time I told them when I had to go to the store. I was in a pissy mood so when I repeated myself both girls jumped off quickly and got the fuck out of my way. Especially after S poked her head out the door when I was getting in the truck and said 'oh shit, move it!' and I sorta peeled out of the drive way doing a 180. She'd seen the little argument I'd just had with mom after she'd reamed me for just asking what she wanted from the store and knows that when I'm ticked I have a tendency to slam the gas when I'm ticked off.

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