January 23rd, 2011

Almost Kiss (Cam/Sheppard)

SGA/SG1 Cam/John Manip

Honestly, I thought working on this idea was going to freaking kill me while simply looking for a decent quality picture of Mitchell that would compliment Sheppard. I was searching for a couple days on something of equal (or as near to it) quality of resolution, size and the angle of Mitchell's body/head. Only found two and then he was too bloody far away from the camera so that when I scaled him to be the same as Sheppard (it's just easier for me to work with larger images) it totally blew out the image. So back to searching. Then I remembered I'd dumped a crapload of my photos from the laptop and desktop PC onto one of my external drives and bingo! I found a picture to use. Only... it's not technically Mitchell. Yes, I cheated. I hope you can forgive me for doing so.

After going through all of that to find the right picture to use, I then spent waaay too long (oh the hardship of staring at these for hours and hours *dramatic pose*) trying to get the images to have the same tone and lighting. And while I do like my results a great deal, I wish they were better. And now you know why I ended up experimenting with the texture this time. *g*

The icon with the light flares just looked really neat when I got that effect by accident (I have a larger copy of that one as well if anyone is interested) and thought it would make a bitchin' icon. And now that I'm done yapping (I really am unable to do these posts without some sort of explanation of the work)... Collapse )

(I really should have been working on another project while I had the free time, but I got this idea in my head that I needed my own icon for John and Cam and it wouldn't leave me alone.)

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