January 15th, 2011

Yoda boy2

furkids are just as troublesome as human kids

Last night we discovered one of the pups (who I've dubbed Trekkie because of the white patch on his neck looks like a Trek emblem) has a very swollen neck. We believe its due to the pup getting his head stuck between the bars on the x-pen we've been keeping the pups and Molly in to keep the other dogs out and the puppies in.

How do kids (of whatever species) manage to do that?!! The bars are only like an inch apart.

The swelling doesn't seem to be hindering his head movements, its not sensitive to the touch (meaning he doesn't make hurty noises when I touched the swelling), and its not restricting him from feeding. And he's just as much of a wiggle worm as his brothers and sisters who have decided to figure out how to push open the pen (it hasn't been latched so Molly can get in and out to use the bathroom and get food/water, or just a break from the furkids) and take off around S' bedroom and fall asleep behind the door.

We're hoping that the cause is due to him getting his head stuck but considering that the event happened a few days ago it makes it makes us worried that it might be something else and there's no money for a vet visit to have it checked out and eliminate 'puppy strangles' (and that name sounds so freaking horrible).

HH has been actually taking over S' bedroom because the pups' squeaking had been keeping S awake, but last night HH came to me about to tear her hair out and said 'they're driving me freaking crazy!'. You see the pups have decided to graduate from squeaking to growling and itty bitty barks when they're awake.

I have no sympathy. See me with no sympathy? I've done my time as midnight doggy nanny and I refuse to help deal with it. *ignores the fact that I check on the pups several times a night when they sound like they're getting sat on by their momma*

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Fanfic Crack

Does this Plot Bunny deserve the Spechul Hell?

Between watching clips from the last Dragon Con of Ben Browder and Michael Shanks giving Alaina Huffman advice on how to deal with fandom over the course of time and then re-watching a multifandom music video with Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Jenson Ackles, and Jeffery Dean Morgan (there is some nekkidness from Morgan in it too!)-

I want a fic, and one I can't believe I'm suggesting.

But I would love to read a meta-ish RPF fic where Ben, Michael, Jenson and Joe Flanigan (so I like Flanigan more than Morgan, so sue me. *g*) are working on some movie together *gives you a moment to catch your breath at the idea* and over the course of filming the guys are dealing with fatigue, boorish PTB. But they're also dealing with fangirls and boys.

How they do that can take place over a few scenarios: 1) the movie is being filmed in a heavily populated area and the word was leaked out of the location, 2) they have to go some promotional thing or special con appearance because the investors to the movie want to get more bang for their buck and have their company promoted (or something like that since I have no idea how plausibly that'd actually work), 3) chilling out together drinking beer because of weather causing a break in the film and they're bored (or maybe over several hang out "sessions" over the course of filming.)

Whichever set up works best, it'd be cool if the guys get to talking about the things they've seen or dealt with in fandom.

I can see it'd work more as a comedic story instead of pure crack!fic and would be such a blast to read. I so don't have the talent to pull off pure comedy.

So anyone want to do it? Please accept this bunny with much love and let me know when you post it. :D

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