January 8th, 2011

Hee! (junior)

Oh dear lord...

I just got a photo forwarded to me from a text message from HD that he took of himself. The boy has a six pack (and biceps that aren't that far behind) that most men would drool for. K is sorta jealous and saying that HD must be beating the girls off with a stick. Um...HD has never had a problem getting a girl's attention. At least he's always treated those girls with respect (and I hope that continues because I've always tried to instill in him that the way his dad and grandpa treated women was not right and everyone ends up unhappy because of it.)

He's never been out of shape and I know he's gaining more muscle tone from working out in ROTC, but...I feel kinda dirty for seeing it. I mean, that's my little boy looking like that! I know he's becoming a man who's going into the military in the near future but still - he's my little boy.

Yes, I know... I'm weird. lol

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