August 22nd, 2010

Properly Caffinated (Daniel)


Before I could even focus my eyes (or get my first damn bloody cup of coffee) mom informed me that we're going to be moving sooner rather than later because she was awoken early this morning by the landlord saying that we need to move into the new place sooner than the 1st of the month. (he owns both places)

D started in his crap immediately saying that I wasn't going to move with us because I can't find a job (really, where does a freakin 12 year old get off talking to an adult like that?), Mom yelled at him for it. I went back in my room with my coffee so I could bang my head against the wall.

I'm glad I only unpacked a couple of my boxes of stuff and those were just clothes and a few books/dvds.

The reason the landlord said he wants us to switch houses is so he can turn the 4th bedroom that was originally a carport back into a carport so it'll match the other houses on the block *massive fucking eyeroll* to help him sell it.

Honestly people, what the fuck is up with wanting a house that looks like everyone else's? What's wrong with having a home that is unique to you in a neighborhood of cookie cutter homes? Hell, I still occasionally almost pull into the neighbor's driveway at night because I mistake it for mom's.

As for what the youngest spawn said this morning about finding a job, even mom knows that I've put my resume/application in everywhere in this town. Now that school is back in session, I'm homing at least one of the fast food joints will call back because we don't have the money for gas in order for me to go to Jonesboro in the foreseeable future for me to continue job hunting there. *sigh*

Oh, there's one place that I hope calls me back (though I think we'll have to pawn one of the children to get me there) just because it's called Star Trek. *snerk* It's a call center from the looks of it's website.

Now I need a second cup of coffee before my eyeballs fall out.

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