August 9th, 2010

Oh Fuck (Cameron)

had a scare with mom last night

I was in my room and heard a loud thump and I honestly didn't think anything of it cuz the boys have been fighting like dogs the last few days but then K comes rushing in my room saying that mom fell.

I run into the kitchen and mom is lying on the floor where she'd slipped in some water that D had spilled from the sink. S and D were trying to pull her up and I couldn't even get to her to help her up. I told S to let me through and to stop trying to yank mom up by her arms and the girl wouldn't listen and kept pulling up until mom was up and leaning on her (though the girl did. Thankfully mom wasn't hurt too badly by the fall or the help but that pissed me off that S wouldn't listen to me about it. Mom didn't argue against the lift up because she a little busy due to the pain/getting breath knocked out of her. She sat down and took an extra pain pill while I finished up cooking dinner for her. She doesn't seem to be having too much trouble this morning with her hip but I told her that she should be taking it easy instead of fretting over her evil sister coming to visit tonight.


Not related to the above but mom has decided that S has to find Ozzy a new home. Because the little bugger is chewing up everything that isn't placed high enough away from him. Which doesn't give us much choice because he's figured out how to climb up on the furniture.

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ear bleeding and puberty

I don't know who puberty is worse for. Teenage boys whose voices are changing or the people around the boys who have to listen to them attempt to sing and butcher every conceivable note (and a few that I'm pretty sure are weren't meant to be heard except by human ears).

K used to have such a pretty singing voice. Now when he sings I want to stick my crochet hook in my ears. I just told him: for the love of all that is holy, please, sign up for chorus this year in school and get voice lessons.

I just hope like heck they do offer chorus at this school. Mom had told me that they took out most of the 'art' programs in the county within the last few years. When she told me that I looked at her as if she had two heads even though I've known that a lot of schools do this to save money and focus on their sports teams.

*grabs ipod and heads for the kitchen to do dishes, ignoring the fact that most people would say that about my own singing*

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