August 8th, 2010

Hee! (junior)

Time Flies

I can't believe that today is M's 18th birthday. My baby girl is now technically a 'grown up'. Though if anyone knew her they'd know that she has always been an adult trapped in a little girl's body. I still remember on her 5th birthday her asking not for dolls or a toy but for a broom and a dustpan.

Yeah, I had that same look you've got on your face when she asked. It was because the girl actually liked to clean and the ones her mom and I were too big for her to use when she decided to surprise us by cleaning the floor before we woke up (her dad once got her a Dustbuster after she'd asked for a vacuum cleaner). I wasn't going to get her one but then I actually found a child's set in the toy section of the store and got it for her and you wouldn't believe the bouncing around that she did when she saw them.

Well, she finally got it out of her head to enjoy cleaning after the rest of us idiot adults took advantage of it too much over the years but every once in a while M still gets a little bounce in her step over cleaning appliances. lol

Mom told me a day or two ago that M has enrolled in one of the local community colleges now that she's back in Florida and taking up nursing classes. While I've been disappointed (which I haven't truly let her see because it's only my expectations/hopes for her future that she's thrown away and that is not something you push on someone else) that over the last two years she's done some stupid things in regards to her relationships with her family and education, I'm still proud of her continuing to try and learn something to get her away from this rut of a life. She's always had an interest in science or the medical field and while nursing isn't the Oceanographer she'd once dreamed of becoming...well at least she's still doing something to help others. Before oceanography I'd always thought she'd become a doctor of some sort since she was always fascinated by anything to do with medicine.

Okay, that's enough babbling. I just wanted to mark this special day in my journal because it's not every day that your babies turns 18.

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Ben Participating in Martin Firrell's Project

Ben has joined Joe Flanigan to do Marin Firrell's art project about Science Fiction and you can see a few of the clips he has done here. There are two where he touches on Crichton (get your mind outta the gutter) and one how he approached doing Cameron Mitchell. I absolutely love where he talks about Crichton: He was a man. No more, no less. He lived, he breathed, he loved. Here lies John Crichton.

I frelling adore the colors in this one photo. I can't wait to see the completed project because just judging by the clips up already for Ben and Joe, it's going to be breathtaking.

Now if I can just figure out how to save these clips...

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