August 2nd, 2010

Oh Fuck (Cameron)

*puts undies in freezer*

I just saw that it's supposed to be 103 degrees here tomorrow and Wednesday. Jiminy freakin' Christmas! There is no way in hell I'm going outside for the next two days. As it was I couldn't breathe when I took the dogs outside for them to do their business and it was dark at that point.


One of S' friends gave her a new pup the other day (much to my mother's dismay). An 10 week old (approximate) Australian Shepherd whose name was originally 'Australia'. *eye roll* After I mentioned that to S that it'd be cooler to name him 'Ozzy' just to play on the original name, she agreed and renamed him. Doesn't help that I got the idea because I have an Ozzy Osborne lighter. :D

But Ozzy has this fixation on eating everyone's toes and he does NOT like going into the crate. He screams so loudly and for so long you'd think we were torturing him. He is currently taking over a section of my bed and ignoring the 'devil child' looks from Minnie. What is it with dogs and wanting to ignore the rest of the house for my bed?

I'll post some pics tomorrow that I've already taken.


S has left the boyfriend again after he made a play once more for his ex out of revenge for her going mudding without him. Claimed that she "disrespected" him. What the fuck ever. She tossed him on his ass (personally I think she should have de-balled hm, but them I'm just a sweetheart like that). But this had happened after she'd moved out of the house. It lasted three days.


M has moved back to Florida with her boyfriend after she got tired of his mom thinking M was a live in housekeeper and babysitter. I really wish she hadn't moved to North Carolina when she did or else she could have gotten her gallbladder removed before her medicaide ran out (she turns 18 next week).

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