May 15th, 2010

Hazard Light (Cam/Sheppard)

ooo...this would be cool

A crossover AU of SGA's Midway where the Wraith succeed in taking over the SGC and then get their forces to Earth. Of course the only possible reasons that could happen is if the Wraith breached the intergalactic bridge earlier or if the IOA didn't want to speak to Ronon (so there'd be no reason for him and Teal'c to be on the Midway station during the breach).

I'd be a great way to go into what the rest of SG-1 is up to now that Sam is the commander of Atlantis. TPTB missed a great opportunity with Midway to tell us what the rest of SG-1 is doing. I'd assume that they were still going out together even without Sam since it wouldn't be the first time that they'd functioned as a three-man team.

Now if the scenario was done where the Wraith just came early, Cam and Daniel could be taking vacation time or are on stand down and are away from the base while Teal'c is visiting Atlantis. They might find out by walking into it after everyone was knocked out or being notified of the lockdown. Teal'c would of course be fighting alongside the Atlantis folks to get control of Midway and to get to Earth once the invasion was found out.

With scenario two, it'd stand to reason that SG-1 were either off-world or knocked out with everyone else during the invasion of the SGC.

In either scenario, Sheppard's people would have to make their way to Earth. It'd be cool if they did a reverse of what they did in The Return.

There's a lot of ways things could play out I'd think (I don't think I articulated well the two scenarios but hopefully you got the gist), but in either case it'd be a great team fic for both teams and to see how they'd play off each other in order to stop the Wraith once they got together.

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