May 10th, 2010

Together (John/John)

Fic reading realizations

As much as I like slash (and boy-howdie, do I ever!), I think I've come to the realization that I prefer reading about the relationship over the sex. Not every time, mind you. I love reading the porn but I think I appreciate it better if there's a proper build up to it. Otherwise I find myself just scrolling through the sex scenes, catching a word or two as I go along, until it's done.

story, action, angst, story, story (bed/floor/wall/ground....kissing.... moist...panting...breathless...throbbing...scream...orgasm...bliss....morning after...) and back to story.

As for PWP, I'm not trying to say that they're bad given what I've found out about my reading preferences, I love those too. But with those I like to read a total immersion of sensation involved over the 'mechanics' of the act.

I'm weird, I know. And I'm pretty sure this isn't going to make a bit of sense to anyone but me.

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