April 26th, 2010

Dork (John)

*squints at handwriting*

Honestly, just because a person is unconscious you'd think they'd still be able to write pretty decently. At least enough to bloody read themselves!

Had an awesome dream in that involved: SG-1, time lords (Ten), vampires, and I'm pretty sure there giant robots too.

The dream pretty much played out in linear fashion starting with the moment that I passed out in a hallway and Ten spotted me and helped me up. We met up with SG-1 soon after that and I think we went after Vampires who were trying their best to get into the SGC since the main Vampire chick got the info from someone who knew about the program. Oh, and Sam kept trying to figure out Ten's sonic screwdriver.

I woke up at some point saying the words 'oh wow' and went back to sleep and the dream continued. I woke up at another point (had to go to the bathroom), and wrote down the story so far since usually I don't fall back into the dreams if I get up for more than a few minutes.

I did fall back into the dream until my alarm woke me at 7. I think the only other time I woke when I felt something licking my hand and I opened my eyes to a cute redhead that decided I wasn't paying her any attention. LOL

But I'm looking at my "notes" from when I got up...and I can't understand a bit of what I wrote! Frell...

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Only A Dream (John)

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Since I've been posting about my dreams so often, I thought I'd share one of my favorite sites.

Lucid Dreaming

It has some cool information about lucid dreaming as well as a forum to check out with tips on how to do it and to discuss the dreams. I don't actually post there but I do enjoy reading the articles and the member posts.

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