February 13th, 2010

Cowboys Get The Blues (John)

2 Years

I miss you dad. I'll always love you, not only for being my daddy. You taught me to lose myself in a good book, great storytelling, to appreciate old cars, and music. I think of you all the time and (unfortunately for others, at least) I still share your cock-eyed sense of humor and "wisdom". I never know when it'll pop up and I get the strangest looks. I'm sure you'll appreciate that and get a laugh out of it. *snerk*

Thank you, daddy, thank you so much. ♥

Hazard Light (Cam/Sheppard)

Thoughts on SGA Season 1

I'd seen most of the episodes off and on over the last few years but never in order (at least, when I paid attention to them) so here are a few thoughts after watching the DVDs:

1. Sheppard pretty much rocks the house. Though I think that has to do with me loving the character in the other seasons but now I can appreciate how he started out in the series. (also how cool is it with him and the big numbers?)
2. Rodney in season one still makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs with a cheesegrater and/or stab my eardrums with my crochet hook.
3. In The Siege part 1, when Telya punches Bates I do believe I was chanting: DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN!!
4. There needed to be many many more scenes of Teyla and Sheppard sparring... cuz so hawt and pretty.
5. I keep thinking 'I can't wait for Ronon to show up' (which I realize is not until the next season but still... he's the other half of my OTP (Sheppard/Ronon) for this show.)

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