December 11th, 2009


In Honor of Ben's Birthday

Today marks Ben's 47th birthday and as a way to celebrate the day I'm offering up a little picspam and video recs of some of my favorite videos featuring him.

Card given to him at the Farscape/Stargate Convention in November.

Collapse )

Also recc'ing a few of my favorite vids to add to the fun...

Modern Day Warrior
Music by Rush
Vidder: Cygnus
Spoilers: Nerve/Hidden Memory

White Rabbit
Music by Jefferson Airplane
Vidder: Bruce Micales
(sadly his website is down due to health issues and you can no longer get a better quality copy of this video as stated in the notes at the above link)
Spoilers: John Quixote

Twilight Zone
Music by Golden Earring
Vidder: chocolatyshatnr
Spoilers: A Human Reaction, Won't Get Fooled Again, John Quixote

Boogie or Die (2002 version)
Music: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Vidder: Dallascaper
Spoilers: Won't Get Fooled Again

Until It Sleeps
Music by Metallica
Vidder: halcyon_shift
Spoilers: Entire Series

Music by Beth Ortin
Vidder: halcyon_shift
Spoilers: Entire Series

These two are uploaded to MediaFire because her website is temporarily down.

Music by Godsmack
Vidder: catherinebruce
Spoilers: Entire series

Savin Me
Music by Nickelback
Vidder: catherinebruce
Spoilers: Entire series & PK Wars

Okay...better stop now so we don't overdose. :D

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