December 8th, 2009

Jax - SoA

my dreams are aburstin' with fannish glee

First I dreamt about SG-1. And it was O'Neill with Cam in this one. I can't remember much except it ended up with Sam old, scarred and in a wheelchair (after a long life, mind you, not from some alien gizmo ;)). But there was one scene that really pops in my head that I loved: The team goes to beam into some place and they move to this short stairway. Jack, Cam and Daniel line up in the center, each one on a stair, their guns ready. Teal'c and Sam are on each side; Teal'c with his double guns and Sam with a bazooka. I think I woke up just as Jack said 'Okay, kids, lets roll.' :D

(in between these i was awake for an hour or so)

Then the other dream I had involved Sons of Anarchy. All I can remember of that one is watching an outside meeting from a distance. Then Jax is riding shotgun as I drive a moving truck. Oh and we have to worry about a puppy and kitten getting loose so Jax is trying to wrangle them. *snicker* At one point I'm going down this very steep hill (think: 135 degree angle) and the brake pedal falls off but I'm still able to stop at the bottom. When the others go to fix it they find out that the brakes had actually been cut. After they all look at me in shock that's when I wake up.

I think that last part is because we're due to get snow/ice tonight and the last time I'd driven in something like that I'd surprised my dad and brother by driving home from work with no brakes (didn't know that the brake line had broken and I'd lost all the brake fluid).

But my first SoA dream... kewl!

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