October 15th, 2009

Fall (Jack/Daniel)

jd_ficathon recs

I'm still working my way through the list of stories but so far there are four that have caught my attention. I'm looking forward to the others as I can get to them.

Just make sure you read their notes of course, so you're not surprised. ;)

- prehistoric_sea's Still on West Africa Time - Excellent Daniel character piece set between the end of Season 10 and Ark of Truth.
- sidlj's Hidden Truths - She was able to take a tired SG trope (revenge against Daniel for some reason or other) and make it interesting and believable. Everyone's voices are so dang spot on, including the OC she's created for the story.
- bertybertle's Gene Genie - I can't really describe why I love this one, it's just wonderful post-descention Jack and Daniel.
- green_grrl's Loosing the Chimera is a tricky one to like because it's Sam POV about her finding out about Jack/Daniel and her reaction to it after having feelings for Jack for so many years. Typically something like this would put me off a story immediately but the writing is awesome and I found myself smiling at the end of the story and going 'wow...I wasn't expecting this.'