August 11th, 2009

Spirit Takes Flight

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This morning Roberre and Harvey passed away for no reason that we can find. We waited until Minnie said her goodbyes to the boys but after we placed them in a spot out of sight until they could be buried, she continued to look for them. In fact little girl worried me quite a bit with how stressed she was in her search but I was able to finally get her calmed down enough to go to sleep with me and Yoda. I figure it'll take her a couple days as her hormone levels and milk production dries before she stops searching, which I'll be grateful for because she's breaking my heart each time she goes looking.

The boys will be buried with Corey because I can't bear the idea of them not being together.

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EvilGood (Scorpius/John)

Farscape Fic Rec! Put all tray tables in their upright postion and prepare for a bumpy ride...

A story that I love being a part of, despite how dark and scary it gets, has finally been posted over on kernezelda's LJ. NC-17 and not really for the faint of heart (but I trust you folks are brave enough to give it a go, right?). If you've seen my video Rift... this is the Dark Fic O Doom it's dedicated to (and inspired by). I'd also like to thank Kerne and Rainer for writing this story because I learned a great deal from the entire experience.

By Rainer76, Kernezelda and Kazbaby
Thanks to gigerisgod for beta. All remaining mistakes are ours.
Authors' notes: This follows Rainer's Track T Variant and my addition, Rainer76's The Track T Variant - Extension. Those spin off from Rainer’s Switchback series, Switchback, Sideways, A Step to the Left, Endgame.
Brief AU premise of series: Multiple realities include John Crichtons; twenty cycles after the violent death of the first, another is found in Earth’s past – and retrieved by Commandant Grayza.
Karaoke Soul occurs about a cycle later.
WARNINGS: Torture, blood, depression, violence against adults and children, coercion, dubious consent, non-consent, sexual violence, emotional torture, sexual torture, despair, psychological manipulation, suicidal thoughts, homicidal urges, murder, death.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 103,970+
Disclaimer: Farscape does not belong to us.
Additional note: It started out as porn for Kaz, but plot intruded.

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