July 16th, 2009

BikesRoad (SoA)

buggin the fuck out

Next week at this time I'll be on the road with Yoda and Minnie (Smaug is happy curling up with HD at night so I'm not going to move him across country again) and leaving the suckhole known as Florida for the final time, heading for New York (state). Mom and the spawn are moving to Arkansas and the middle of fucking nowhere; population 150. *cackles at the spawn's pain*

Still don't know what she's going to do with the trailer. Anyone want a doublewide in Florida for $30,000 (just needs some paint in the kid's rooms and bathroom and carpet replaced in one bedroom)?

I'm driving again but this time I'm not stressing about leaving all of my stuff behind because it's all coming with me. :D

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So On Crack (Cameron)

whoever mentioned tentacle fic in the trope thread...

thanks for that because I ended up dreaming about cam talking to someone (pretty sure it was daniel) describing someone else's tentacles and finding them sexy.

*rolls eyes* cam, doll, babyboy... we really need to get you a date.

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