July 13th, 2009

Spirit Takes Flight

Never hurts to ask

HD and HH came home tonight from their week in the Smokey Mountains with their church. Chaos ensued from HH's direction but HD came to me and showed me the testimonial that he's going to read next Sunday in church about what he learned during the week. He also told me that he's decided to get Baptized. He was smiling so big and so sincere and happy at the decision.

This is the same boy that at 4 years old told me that didn't think there was a god because there's so many people hurting and sad in the world.

Back then I'd told him that everyone tries to figure that out and the best thing to do is to ask questions until he figured it out.

And he did.
Slaveboy (Staleek/John)

Oh here we go again...

Where are all the Cameron Mitchell slave fic? Seriously, why can't I find a single one?

Don't people realize that kinks must be satisfied? *goes back to searching on my monthly quest*

(I really need to make a list of all the slave fics I've read just to make sure I 'got them all' but those are mostly for Daniel.)

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Give Me...

Tropes and clichés!

Inspired by my previous post about needing Cam slave!fic.

To help bluflamingo in case she does indeed decide to run a Cameron Mitchell ficathon we should list all of the fic tropes that poor Cam has missed out on.

- Slave
- Disabled
- Amnesia
- Psychic bond
- Telepathic

I know I don't know all the tropes, what are the rest?

ETA: These were contributed by the awesome folks in the comments. If there are others go ahead and comment with them and I'll add them to this list:

- Going through the Quantum Mirror causing them to Do Teh Sexxor for some reason.
- Being framed for some infraction, by enemies, and everyone believes it.
- Being framed for some infraction as a loyalty test from the SGC.
- Being captured and non-conned [on Earth] by an old enemy.
- Genderflip: Cam who's always been male is suddenly turned into a woman.
- Cam possessed by random alien of your choice
- Mpreg
- For some reason Cam either loses or begins to lose his faculties [not amnesia] or abilities.
- Muteness.
- Rapid aging/de-aging [not involving cloning].
- Apocafic: Cam and [insert name of hunk here] are the only survivors of Earth's destruction [set on Earth or an alien planet].
- Marooned with [insert name of hunk here] on an alien planet, not expecting rescue.
- Prostitution
- Physical bond to go with the psychic bond! I mean something like the Goa'uld bracelets Vala used in "Avalon". Or heck, handcuffs. You can never go wrong with handcuffs.
- Historical AUs: e.g. Cam is a nobleman in revolutionary France and Daniel is the Scarlet Pimpernel.
- Sex with an Unas!
- Cam or his lover gets snaked.
- Alien Aphrodisiacs
- High fever with resulting loss of inhibition.
- Bodyswap
- Cabin fic.
- Jammies fic. Flannel, footie, strange desings...
- Corporal punishment: giving or receiving a spanking in lieu of official disciplinary action.
- Crossover fic: Cam meets other characters Ben Browder has played, or Cam meets other characters the other actors in Stargate: SG-1 play or have played. Example: Cam meets the living starship Andromeda, and there's something oddly familiar about the AI's projection...