July 12th, 2009

Neon Distraction (John)

Farscape Fic: Outside in the Distance

Note: This was the first answer I came up with to ivorygates' response to my meme post, but then I realized I'd only shifted the POV to Aeryn's in, neon distraction (the hour is getting late), and had to re-write it. I kept this instead of throwing it away and decided to post it. Thank you again, Ivory for giving this a look-see.
Rating: G
Setting: Post Peacekeeper Wars

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Lucy... (John/Chiana)

mommy is a pervo

Mom: K had to help me up at church this morning.
S: You need a walker.
Me: We can get her Walker Texas Ranger
Mom: *raising hand* I'll take him!
S: Huh?
Me: Your Nanna has lusting thoughts about Chuck Norris.
S: Ewwwww....