June 22nd, 2009

Hug (Cam/Teal'c)

SG-1 Fic: Kisses and Tells

Author's Note: Written for sg1_five_things prompt: Five people Cam came out to after DADT was eliminated. I know there are actually eight people mentioned in this but for some reason Cam insisted on telling folks in pairs with the exception of the last two. Thank you to [info - personal]ivorygates for giving this a quick beta since it was posted at the comm.
Characters/Pairing: Cam/Teal'c, Vala/Sam, Jack/Daniel, Landry
Disclaimer: Sadly the characters belong to MGM and not me.

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Properly Caffinated (Daniel)


Me: If this new trackball I have coming gets stolen like my last mouse, I don't care which of the kids did it. I'm breaking their shit. (impotent threat, i know, but what else can i say other than 'i'll cry and cry and you all will just mock me'.)
Mom: Then keep it put up.

All I could do was roll my eyes and walk away. How exactly do you keep something 'put up' when you don't have a place to put it? I sleep with my laptop beside my pillow for christ's sake because I'm afraid of what will happen to it. (funny story about that: bro came over, saw me asleep and the laptop next to me. when he reached for it to fuck with me, I grabbed the laptop and shoved it under my pillow. They told me about it when I woke up.)
Catch Me If You Can (John)

This is driving me freaking NUTS!

Can someone tell me if this is just fanon or at least point out where it says in canon that Sha're is the one that named Shifu.

I could have sworn I've seen Kasuf tell Daniel that Sha're had told him this when she was pregnant. I've gone through several sites and transcripts and I can't find squat.

(Yes, this is regarding the Absolute Power AU I said I wasn't going to write, dangit.)