June 21st, 2009

Evil Thoughts (Daniel)

Absolute Power as interpreted by kazbaby & ivorygates...sorta.

Another old convo between the two of us that I'm posting because its been a year and the story idea hasn't been thought of much less written on beyond two lines, and also... this cracked me the hell up re-reading. When I reminded Ivory of this, her exact words were: oh my god we should never be allowed out alone.

We think the reason for coming up with this stuff is the serious lack of drugs.


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Aliens invaded while I was at Wal-mart

But where the heck did they go?!!! Damn... that freaking dream wasn't real! I feel cheated.

Though I guess I should have expected it was a dream because I just happened to be living in the mountains, I was able to get close to the ship as it hovered (stupid brain, don't realize it'd be too hot?) and find out information - which I don't understand now naturally - that helped beat them, and I'd just happened to be wearing my leather duster in it. Big clue about the dream world - you look cool.

There's a lot of cool ass things that happened in it too. I still wish it was real. LOL
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