June 3rd, 2009

Give Me...

SG-1 Fic Rec and Search

Now this is an awesome story. I'd love to find more like it.

Stay In Touch by tefnut

I know that green_grrl and starglyph have some amazingly kick ass rec lists and I will forever be grateful for them and their dedication to spreading the love. Because a person coming into the fandom this late in the game has so much to tread through and no real clue where to look without lists like these.

I understand that the types of stories I'd really love to read (they're basically my chocolate. srly.) are probably amongst their lists already but mixed in other categories that make them hard to locate...but I was wondering if anyone can point me to fics, or fic lists, that can be pretty much summed up as belonging in the 'mind-fuck category' (sorry, I'm used to the term mind-frell from the Farscape fandom). I guess pretty much anything where Daniel (or Cameron but I know I don't have much hope of finding any like that with him) has someone screwing with his head (memory, intelligence, sanity).

(and I really really really don't mean that request to be insulting to green_grrl and starglyph and if I have insulted you ladies I will so throw myself at your feet and beg forgiveness.)

I'm also looking for any really good stories where there's no happy ending, or rather where things aren't tied up in a nice bow and our heroes ride off in the metaphorical sunset. I want a real ending complete with messy consequences to the events of the story.

It's really weird how the more life sucks, the more I want to read stories like this. Okay, not so weird really when I think about it. I mean, I read Mayaan's fic to cheer me up. *g*