June 2nd, 2009

Dani & Cam (Waterloo Universe)

SG-1 Fic: the sheep flies sideways at midnight

note: Written for [info] - personalivorygates' birthday. She who is shiny and awesome and one of best people I know. This hasn't had a beta and written with no sleep. This is crack!fic written in love. Consider this a warning. ;)
rating: PG-13 for language

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Angel (John)

Mr. and Mrs Smith

Finally got to see all of this movie and really the sex just rolls off the screen. I hate that FX cuts it to a commercial just at start of the really freaking hawt sex scene. But I have to say that my favorite part is the big gun battle at the end. Just the two of them shooting it out with all of those baddies... gawd. that is my porn right there (and it so reminds me of John and Aeryn).
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