May 30th, 2009

Dani & Cam (Waterloo Universe)

[manip] Cover - The Widows Walk

This is one of the covers I made for the coda to [info - personal] ivorygates' Tiger By the Tail, called The Widows Walk. Consider this a teaser of things to come. *eg*

I know something you don't know! *giggles with mad glee*

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Touch the Universe (John/Zhaan)

PSA for Medium Fans

I was going to mention this last week when I first heard the news and things came up and it totally slipped my mind until now.

NBC cancelled Medium but CBS picked it up (thank freaking god with the way this season has been killing me)! Looks like it'll be on Friday nights at 9pm.

Surprise, you still have your jobs

It wasn't until "Medium" show runner Glenn Gordon Caron ("Moonlighting" and "Now and Again") and actress Patricia Arquette arrived in New York City on Wednesday morning, after a red-eye flight, that they were told that their 5-season-old series had been rescued by CBS. Of course, they both had heard the rumors yesterday that CBS was interested after NBC dumped the show about a psychic and her family, but they had no confirmation that their show was alive.

"If you make television shows in 2009, you're always worried," Caron said. "You're never sure that there will be a place for your show." Caron, who produced "Now and Again" for CBS in 1999, knew that his friend Moonves had always been fond of "Medium." "[Moonves] has been an enormous friend and supporter and advocate of mine," Caron said. "He's always been interested in the pilot. We've all said, 'Wouldn't it have been funny if the show had somehow ended up on CBS at one point or another?' This has been a five-year conversation."

The million-dollar question remains: What happened at NBC? Two weeks ago, it seemed as though "Medium" was poised for renewal; then it was canceled by the network earlier this week.

At issue apparently were the number of episodes NBC wanted to order and the overall costs of the show, said Caron. Also working against the return of the show on NBC was the network's loss of its 10 p.m. weekday time slots to Jay Leno's new program.

link (news about other CBS programs are in the body of the article)