May 24th, 2009

Angel (John)

[poll] Vids & Conventions

I know I should know better than this, but after winning last year with Venus I'm already thinking of sending a video into the Farscape and Stargate conventions. Well, I was definitely going to send in Ride On anyway because I still love watching that one even after all this time and had intended just to send it into the Chicago con but after seeing that Ben was also going to be at the LA con with Michael Shanks (same weekend as the Farscape con if you hadn't heard yet) that complicated things. I have no way to go to any of the conventions so I figured I'd ask your opinion since me going to LA would make my decision easy with regards to Ride On.

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Which video should I send into the Farscape convention?

Which Stargate convention should I send Ride On into?


Are you going to show Ticky some lurve?

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