May 2nd, 2009

Team (SG-1)

[manip][fic rec] Cover art for ivorygates and other yumminess.

Two covers I've done for ivorygates. Click on the pictures to read the stories.

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I am more than willing to take the blame for this baby by ivorygates:
This story is the final point on the Gender Fliparound Compass for "Too True To Say Goodbye To You". The original story was Cam/Teal'c/Daniel, and then kazbaby wrote a Cammie snippet set in that 'verse, and elliemurasaki weighed in with "Lonely is a Cold Hard Fact" (which is here:, the Cammie/Teal'c/Daniel version, so here's the Cammie/Dani/Teal'c version.

I totally blame kazbaby for the fact that this exists. Also, some of the best lines are hers.

Who Knew What Others Died to Prove (Cammie/Dani'verse version of Too True to Say Goodbye to You) PG-13

If you need something lighter after reading those last two, then you definitely need to read Naquadaah Magnolia: Memorial Day, this is actually part of Ivory's Naquadah Magnolia universe. Where Danielle Jackson is adopted by the Mitchell family. Other sections posted over on clanmitchell (clan_mitchell on DW) are: Naquadaah Magnolia Grow in the Dirt and Baby Steps. These are just glimpses into the bigger picture she's creating with this universe. So awesome.

So what are you waiting for...Go READ! *shoos you off*

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