April 24th, 2009

Lucy... (John/Chiana)

another update about M's accident

I for damn sure don't wish this type of thing on anyone, especially a parent. M had just gotten her full license on the 8th but as I said before she's been driving for a lot longer than a year (long story that makes my blood pressure shoot up thinking about it) but she's one of the safest drivers I know.

Mom got home and filled me in on more details of the accident. turns out the ankle wasn't broken after all, the diagnosis of it being broken was made before the x-ray. M did *not* have a seat belt on and was thrown headfirst to the passenger side floorboard after the airbag deployed. She was covered in blood and glass when mom came in the hospital room and M started instantly crying and mom told her that she loved her and hugged her.

as for the accident: M was trying to make a left turn and thought she had enough time since the SUV was so far away. there were several witnesses that said that it did look like M had enough time for the turn but the woman was speeding. cops said that the witness were wrong and she was going 35 (which is what the woman claimed) but everyone who saw it said there's no way she was going that slow given how quickly she got to the intersection and how badly M's car was spun (which almost hit a concrete divider). M got the $120 ticket for failure to yield to oncoming traffic but I bet they can fight it if they brought those witnesses in. I may be biased but it seems to me that the cop is finding M at fault simply because she's a teenager. >:(

When her mom got to the scene and tried to get in the ambulance with M to talk to her and tell her she loved her they wouldn't let her because they were putting the other woman (who didn't have a scratch on her) in the same ambulance with M. Oh and M thought that one of the paramedics was hot. *g*

but M is back at her mom's house and can't walk on crutches worth a crap but she's *safe*. i hope that her mother will be at her side when she has the inevitable nightmares (she had them for months after the accident when she was younger).
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M called mom this morning hysterical and it took a few minutes to get her calmed down. When she did calm down enough for mom to understand her she said she finally hobbled into the bathroom to get washed off from yesterday (too exhausted to do it last night after getting home from the ER) and freaked out because her hair is falling out. Mom explained that it was from where she hit her head and the glass and to not worry that it'll grow back but if it's too cut up that she'll take M to the beauty shop and get it fixed. Of course she's also in a lot of pain with the swelling in her knee, ankle and elbow.

I really want to go over there and bring M here so I can take care of her. It doesn't feel right not taking care of my baby when she's hurting. *whimper*

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