April 23rd, 2009

Catch Me If You Can (John)

blank blank blank blank blank blank fuckity blank

I miss writing. Really writing. I haven't even been able to do anything in my notebooks. Not even anything original which I've been doing since I first learned to goddamn spell.

I miss vidding even more.

I know it'll come back one day. That really doesn't help at the moment because it's how I've always dealt with stress and RL.
Please Wake me (Cameron)

i need some good vibes and prayers sent M's way.

my baby girl was just in a head on car accident in front of her school. mom is on her way to the hospital but we're not sure if it's the right one since they don't have any record of her coming in yet.

please god don't take my baby away from us. i don't care how much she's fucked up the last year she's only 16!

ETA: just got word. she's going to be okay. she has a broken ankle and is going to need stitches on it and has some cuts on her arm. M was driving an escort and was hit by an SUV. they're saying M's at fault, 'failure to yield', but if the woman had hit M from the back she would have been at fault. the other driver had no injuries at all.

Thank god!

i told mom to tell M that i love her and i'm going to fucking kill her for scaring me. Thank you ALL for the prayers and good vibes. ::grouphug::

I need a fucking drink but I think I'm going to take some more advil to get rid of this bloody headache instead.
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