March 29th, 2009

Angel (John)

We're such naughty girls

While searching through other story notes I came across a conversation with ivorygates from last year. When I reminded her of it she said: hey you know what? This thing about Daniel setting Cam up as Teal'c's sub could SO be the background for "Too True"...

Which so works for me, so we've decided this is the background for her most awesome, wonderful, kick-fucking-ass story Too True to Say Goodbye To You (which was written for ME and I love in such a way that I'm sure is illegal in three states).

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Warrior Spirit (Cam/Teal'c)

This is my happy place

Once upon a time a girl named synecdochic asked for prompts and/or fic for the hard working folks at Dreamwidth and I submitted: Cam/Teal'c or Cam/Daniel, oiled up and sparring

And I got OMG!LOOK WHAT I GOT! she gifted us all with this wonderful and freaking smokin' hot piece of loveliness here.

Piece of advice: Turn up your A/C first. :D