March 19th, 2009

Angel (John)

Happy 10th Anniversary Farscape!

I've told this story before but what the frell... it's a special occasion. I found the show at the end of its third season while flipping through channels and discovered that the Good Guy of that 'space show with puppets' didn't act like the typical Hero (It was the episode Til the Blood Runs Clear) and I stuck around for the pretty explosions, but it was later on in the (season one and two) marathon and the episode Die Me Dichotomy that sealed my love for Farscape forever.

It came at a time when I was dealing with a favorite uncle dying of cancer and it gave me a distraction from my sister's health getting steadily worse. She and her kids stayed with me and mom, I was going to school at the same time and the show gave me the right escape. It was the only thing that didn't remind me of the problems around the house and school.

Since then it's given me the chance to learn how to improve my writing, to do graphic arts, computers (I barely knew how to open my email when I began watching), I was compelled to learn how to edit videos, and it's helped me learn to pay attention to what's really going on with the characters in a movie or television show (I have to watch a movie or show a couple times to get it all because I'm paying attention to the damn camera shots the first time around). On top of all these gifts, the show gave me a chance to meet some of the most wonderful and insane bunch of people that I wouldn't trade for the world. So many gifts given to me, one frelling fantastic show.

Happy Anniversary Farscape.

one of my favorite wallpapers i've done and it fits the occasion too much not to use.

So tell me why you love Farscape? I've gotten pretty mushy already so this is a no-shame zone. ;)