March 4th, 2009

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SG-1 For ivorygates

My description of SG-1 for her, inspired from looking at her icons page.

We are what we wish never to be, both hero and martyr. Our swashbuckling swords made of flying one inch steel. A patchwork quilt of ideals and arguments that inspire and incite the best of intentions. We fall and rise and endure - we fight with hope at our side.
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While looking for another file a few weeks ago I came across a story that is far from finished that I had shown to a friend a long time ago, and even though I had mentioned that the story was rough and incomplete, the person sent it back to me filled with very red corrections to the story. Even though I appreciate the effort by this particular person, it was the way she did them when I had said the story wasn't ready yet that sort of threw me.

Poll #1359764 Unsolicted Beta

Is it appropriate it credit someone with beta'ing a story when the corrections are not solicited?