February 16th, 2009

Angel (John)

not normal

i swear i always feel worse for getting a full 8 hours sleep than i do if i only get 4 or 5. plus my back always kills me for sleeping those 8 hours. even if all i want to do at the moment is curl back up and go to sleep. *sigh*
Big Bad Ba'al

So I was thinking...

If a Goa'uld Queen can pass on genetic memory, can it be selective in it? Such as only passing on the memories of a host's time as a slave? I know that they can choose not to pass on anything at all. And if it's possible and they implant that particular baby Goa'uld (after it's ready to leave a Jaffa) in someone and it took control of the host, do you think they'd act in accordance to the memories and behave as a slave and not have the typical super-ego and the penchant for Liberace's clothes closet?

(I think I may have read way too many slave fics lately, but you can blame this question on something i read over at sg1_five_things)