January 9th, 2009

Gemma (SoA)

I love music. ♥

That's pretty obvious by now (and you really haven't been paying attention if that comes as a surprise), but I have never really cared for the live version of a song (video footage) because unless you're there it really loses something. At least for me. (but god forbid you're ever with me at a concert since I have a tendency to start doing this thing where I simultaneously bounce off the walls and zone off in another world because I get so lost in the music).

I say this as a preface because of the music video under the cut. I've loved Apocalyptica's cover of Metallica's One for years and when I saw this clip of them performing it live I really couldn't resist since I've always joked that they probably caught their cellos on fire playing it and I was curious (and no I didn't really think their cellos caught on fire). While I was somewhat disappointed (remember this is typical of how a live performance affects me when viewed second hand), I would so lay down some serious bucks to see these guys in concert. They're pretty much freaking awesome.

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Now if I could just figure out how to mash-ups (I really want to do Apocalyptica's cover of Metallica's Sanitarium)... ho-boy *chuckle* you'd guys would be in trouble. ;)
Oh Fuck (Cameron)

SGA Finale

This is my reactions by the 30 minute point. There has just been so much packed in this I may have missed stuff with this first viewing. For those new to my LJ or had never seen one of my reaction posts... I should warn you I am a total spaz when I get excited while watching a show (and this is one reason why I don't do these types of posts very often. ;)).

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eta: 45 minutes into it - Collapse )

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*collapses now that the ride is over*
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