January 6th, 2009

Not a soldier (John)

one, two, buckle my shoe...

Between a kid's double birthday yesterday (Junior has officially hit the Terrible Twos and D hasn't ever left them despite being 11 now), visits by the police (those two things are not mutually exclusive in my world), trying to finish the last bits on my lilblckdressfic story, and fangirling over Apocalypse Week on the History Channel (I've told ivorygates I may need an intervention), and my brother and (big)A deciding my new nickname is 'Butch' because of my new haircut (yeah, I got it all chopped off)...

...I need a distraction.

(I have no idea where the hell I got this meme from, I forgot to add the link when I put it in my 'come back to' file.)

Everyone one has a bulletproof kink when it comes to the types of stories they'll read. If someone asked you, how would you describe my fic-kinks?
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