December 11th, 2008

Sexy Man (Cam)

*bounce* Ben Browder's Birthday! (try to say that ten times fast)

*looks at the clock and sighs with relief at making it just under the wire*

In honor of my favorite actor's 46th birthday (Yeah. That's not a typo, the guy is really 46. It's constantly a shock to me when I see something new and he looks so young.) I figured a wee mega picspam was in order.

Collapse )

You okay over there? Do you need to take a breath, grab a drink of water... hose off, maybe?

*fans face* You sure? Cuz I know I'm a tad peckish right now. Collapse )

Happy Birthday, Ben! ♥

(yes, i do realize he'll never see that. and that's a very good thing.)