December 1st, 2008

Sunny Side of Life (John)

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Why, oh why am I up at this ungodly hour when I don't have to be this morning. blergh

As I said last night, I had a lovely birthday but I hadn't wanted to put any complaining in that post so I hadn't mentioned the fact that despite the loveliness (Dudes, I got my frelling November rain... on my birthday. It never rains on my birthday in Florida. I think this is the first time ever that I can remember. This made me so happy.) I was pretty much fighting a stomach bug that Junior felt like sharing with me. At least it's just stomach aches, nausea and something else I'm not going to mention for those with weak stomaches and being extremely tired. but there's been no Linda Blair impersonations, thank goodness. I almost didn't go with H and K on our "date" but H got this look on his face and I honestly cannot say no to the boy. Plus he worked so freaking hard to earn the money for the night.. so I went. I'm glad I did and he gave me about a gazillion hugs throughout the night. I think he really wanted to make it a special night because of what happened last year with my dad.

After getting home, I'd planned on going around to answering the different posts and messages to thank folks for the birthday wishes and write on my Little Black Dress story, but it was an effort to even make that one post in my lj so I put it off until today and just read a little before zonking out. Only thing is I kept waking up with my back and stomach hurting and had to pop some Aleve to help with that. I finally gave up trying to sleep at 7:30am and made a pot of coffee (and why is it they cannot make a coffee pot that doesn't frelling spill half the pot out when you pour your first cup?) and thank god I picked up Seattle's Best instead of Folgers this time around shopping for the coffee maker because Folgers sooo sucks. And don't give me that look, I know my mother is going to give it to me when she sees that I'm drinking coffee while I have an upset stomach. It's just a little bit and it's a test run on my stomach for the day. :)

eta: Ooooo... look! Pretty Die Me, Dichotomy picspam!

eta2: One cup good, two cups bad. *ignores the 'i told you so' looks*
Hush (John/Aeryn)

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Dear Body,

You've been sick for a month now despite taking vitamins and actually trying to eat right and being a good girl.


Love (but very frustrated),
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