November 5th, 2008

Didn't Just Piss Us Off (Teal'c/Cameron)

*bitchslaps my aunt*

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(i'd just started dozing off when mom knocked on my bedroom door and asked me if I'd watched the news and I told her I'd been up all night watching it when my aunt called.)

i decided to post this because it shows that we do have a loooong way to go and i don't want to forget. now i'm going back to bed.
Fanfic Crack

The Dark Brigade's 5th Anniversary

Almost forgot to do this post. Eep! At least I remembered this year, lizamanynames! Do I get a cookie? :D

Today is the 5th Anniversary of the Dark Brigade. Aside from this live journal, it was the first fannish thing I created and for the readers/writers in the Farscape community as a place for Dark and Angsty fanfic. I'm pretty much the only one that posts stories over there anymore but I just can't bring myself to deleting the board because it still is pretty much the only board that caters to that genre of fic in a sea of shippy within the fandom.

One thing with the board though that I never thought I'd end up doing was hosting a small, private, workshop for those that were interested in publishing. It was hidden out of sight except for those that requested to be part of it and I was so happy that folks benefited from the advice given and a couple published their original work before I closed the doors on the workshop. I kept all of the advice and articles that were offered up because that type of information could still be invaluable to others if they need it.

I'd never expected it to a popular board and for some reason it sparked rumors of DarkFic writers against those that write Shippy that at least brought about some awesome discussions back when Kansas was still open. A couple of the members of DB have since passed on within the past year or so and I don't have the heart to delete their accounts; instead added a little 'in memoriam' under their names. It's my little board, in my own little corner of fandom and there are some damn cool stories on there that anyone is more than welcome to come and visit. My stubbornness and tendency to be a packrat (which appears to extend to even online) means that I'll keep fighting those damn spam bots that hit it every few days, which I promptly delete when I see them and I hope that BoardNation will get off their butts and change the board over to SMF in order for me to have more of a way to fight them off. As it is I've had to make the board content for registered members only and I hate that. A person really shouldn't have to join a board just to read a good story.


Happy Anniversary 5th Anniversary to The Dark Brigade!