October 26th, 2008

Vidding Addict (John)

Giving away a Vid Bunny

Last night I was sort of half-assed watching Constantine, I own the movie but there was nothing else on so I just set it in the background while I was writing. When Passive by A Perfect Circle came on it struck me (like a shit-ton of bricks) that the song is fucking beyond perfect for Daniel. (Probably because I was writing Daniel at the time)

I can so see this opening up with slow flashes going back and forth with scenes from Meridian and Threads.
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Yeah... So I really really need someone to take this idea from me before I end up adding it to my Vid-in-Progress list because it's way too fucking long as it is and dammit I hate that I can so easily see how this entire idea can play out and I don't want to see that. So please someone take it!
Shooter (John)

Want!! Sterling Silver Moya and Winona Charms.

via Dorothy Gail on TF.

Creation will have a limited number of Sterling Silver "Moya" and "Winona" charms available this year at the Farscape Con.

My understanding is that the charms will only be sold at the Con, so ...

If you are not going to make it to the Con, you might want to ask a friend to buy one for you...?

*makes grabby hands*