October 25th, 2008

Archeologist (Daniel)

Walk Like An Egyptian

An example of how ivorygates helps my continuing education:

ivorygates: meanwhile i was reading egyptian slash on wikipedia last night
kazbaby: O_o
kazbaby: who put naughty hieroglyphs up there?
ivorygates: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ra-Horakhty read the section under "Conqueror of Set"....
kazbaby: and would naughty hieroglyphs actually be the original version of playboy?
ivorygates: (heh. naughty frescoes, actually...)
ivorygates: (oh god, i saw the pornographic part of the Pompeii exhibit when it toured...)
kazbaby: dude, no guy would be lying when they say they only check it out for the articles. *dies*
ivorygates: (*cackle*)
kazbaby: oh man. i need to post that.
ivorygates: hee hee hee hee!

ETA: I wonder if anyone has ever done a fic where Daniel is given a bunch of hieroglyphs to translate and they're all these different sexual positions it appears and he's kinda oblivious to it and Jack comes in and looks at them and asks 'where'd you get the playboy?' and it turns out that is exactly what it is.

The look on Daniel's face would be fucking priceless.