October 12th, 2008

Yoda boy2

I'm a grandma again

Minnie gave birth to two little bundles of yipping goodness last night. The first pup came while she was hiding in K's bed (poor boy). She had trouble delivering the second pup but eventually (s)he decided to join it's mother. Mom had better get Minnie fixed for sure this time because I don't think Minnie (or my nerves) can take another litter.

Mom finally noticed that Yoda has gray hair on his little snout. See what having kids will do to a person? *g*

expect puppy picspam soon.
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Yoda boy2


So I went over to mom's to take some pictures of the newest additions to the household. They look identical to her first litter she'd had a few years ago.

As I said in the earlier post, Minnie decided to go into labor in K's bed last night. The first to arrive was the little brown one and he was born still inside the birthbag and she had to chew it off. When it was finally off, mom noticed the pup wasn't breathing and she rubbed his nose and mouth (when she first told me about this I almost thought she was going to tell me she gave it CPR. *snicker*) and had Minnie lick his mouth until he finally started breathing after several long seconds. The second pup (a girl) was born breach and Mom had S hold onto it's little hind legs and pull it out and as far as I know she was breathing on her own. Both seem to be doing very well and I hope it continues this way because of all the litters she's had one of the pups has passed away within a week or two of the birth.

Proud daddy getting his belly rubbed by me.

I think these two have to be the best photos I've taken of Minnie,
she doesn't normally have her ears up like this.

Introducing the newest bobsy twins. They haven't chosen a name for either of them yet.

One of the neighbors came by to see them before mom and the kids went to church and mom said that Minnie almost tore the guy a new one when he came into the bathroom to see the puppies. That's my good girl!