October 11th, 2008

Geeks Are Sexy - Dogma

screencaps and opinions

I actually made a few screencaps (about 70 and mostly Daniel) for The Lost Tribe this afternoon in between errands. They're not the best but I think they'll work for graphics. Here are a few non-spoilery samples.

zip file

This is an idea I had for a possible new layout for my website. Not too sure on the colors yet because honestly... anything with a white (or brightly colored) background kills my eyes which is why I typically do my layouts in darker colors. The current layout I'd asked about the other day (which by the way THANK YOU to those that offered their opinion because I hadn't realized how monochrome it appeared to others) was a result of me trying to compromise since I'd heard that folks had difficulty with the previous versions with the darker colors.

Cartoon Hero (Cameron)

no more kids birthday parties

it's frustrating when they just look at their gift blankly, don't say thank you and walk away after literally tossing it to the side. i should be used to it by now. i can probably be heard on the videotape 'well my obligation is done, i'm going home'.
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