October 9th, 2008

Please Wake me (Cameron)

(no subject)

today has been one of those floaty-can't-keep-my-eyes-open days. could be just one of those days. could be that i've been feeling my head shifting gears again and all i can hope is that it doesn't last very long. could just be the fucking daddy issues i'm dealing with in my head. my post the other day about my family not caring about what i do reminded me that dad was the one person that did but then i couldn't even talk to him for more than five minutes without getting pissed because he was mentally gone for the last year or two. (irony, god i hate that bitch sometimes.) whatever, i'll get over it.
Torture Time (Scorpius/John)

Time for a change

While I like my current layout for my website, it wasn't actually the way I wanted to go with it when I started re-designing it last year. And there's been something off with it that I just can't put my finger on. (well beyond the fact that I never finished the links, wallpaper, and gallery pages)

Unlike some folks who I know (and idolize :D), I can't do HTML worth a crap but I can take free style sheets and fiddle until things look the way I want (or they need to be), but I'd love to hear suggestions to see what I can try or attempt to try and do with Unrealized Reality.