September 28th, 2008

Mind's Eye (John/Aeryn)

Just Because

These are a couple pictures I fiddled around with on their colors the last couple days while doing chores around the house. I think they're kind of neat since they are both early versions (i guess that's the best way to put it) of their characters. Innocent still - barely - but already had those rose-colored glasses tarished just a tad. ;)

Devil (John)

This space for rent

Okay, people stop being so damn quiet already. You're spookin' the butterflies. I haven't seen my flist so quiet in forever without it being during a big con. Or of course you all could be talking and I'm just brain-addled trying to finish up two ficathon stories (actually completed one this morning after being up all night on it. yay!). As I told a friend earlier if I ever sign up for two ficathons at the same time with them being close in due-dates... shoot me.

I think I need to crash before I crash but my brain isn't shutting off just yet.
Lucy... (John/Chiana)

There is a god.

After years of my brother making fun of me whenever I've lost my voice after I'd been hit with a bad bout of bronchitis. He woke up this morning sounding like he'd been deep-throating a tailpipe. Vengeance is mine. Ha!

And I think I am allowed to sound so mean about it because he woke me up to see if I'd go to the store and get diapers for him. (causing me to pour an entire glassful of milk into my coffee cup with instant coffee and sugar that was waiting on hot water instead when I went for my first cup. mmmm... coffee-flavored milk. not) Good thing he'd forgotten to grab the case of diapers from the trunk of the car the last time I went shopping for him because I ain't going shopping on a Sunday again if I can help it. Soccer moms are insane.
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