September 26th, 2008

Brothers in Arms (Teal'c/Cameron)

They're doing a SG-1 marathon today

And they just finished showing Talion...

- Teal'c and Bratac at the end still make me cry like a little girl.

- The Team still rocks in the fact they want to go with Teal'c.

- I still really love that fight with Cam and Teal'c. You can really see that they're both going full out but not wanting to seriously hurt each other.

- Teal'c just freaking rocks. That fight with him and Arkad is one of the best I've seen on the show. I remember reading some folks reactions when it first aired and they were upset about how bloody it was. (wtfEVER)

(landry is still a fucktard)
Pebo - Slightly Mad

I'm such a copycat. Fic Prompts & Ideas

After seeing synecdochic's amnesty fic post it got me to thinking of the slips I've had sitting around lonely in my WIP file (some for years). I don't see myself expanding them at any point in the future and decided to post them. Some of these might be considered nothing more than a prompt, so if anything here inspires you feel free (i'd appreciate it if you'd let me know if you do.*g*) Several can be somehow fit to either SG-1 or Farscape.

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Archeologist (Daniel)

SGA: 5x10 First Contact

(23 minutes in) Ya know, if they want to re-think Stargate Universe with just Daniel and Rodney I'd be so on board with it. These guys are so freaking snarkily cute together that it hurts.

eta: OHMYFUCKING GOD! *gets control*

Why the fuck did this show have to get so damn good? holy fuck!

I guess you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's episode. :D