September 15th, 2008

Never Easy (John)

I won't panic.

Last night I went over to my bro's house to grab one of my movies he'd borrowed and while I was there Junior popped her head up out of her bed (they have a playpen/baby bed in the front room because she'll climb out of her bed in the girl's room constantly otherwise) and T mentioned that she'd been screaming her head off since she came back from mom's after church earlier in the day and they couldn't figure out why.

Well this morning they found out why. She'd had a little cut on her foot from the day before because one of the older kids took her for a walk in the yard without shoes on. Mom had cleaned the cut and put a band-aid on it (I told her next time use the damn liquid band-aid I picked up for her) and she was walking around just fine so they didn't associate that with her screaming fit. This morning my brother was dealing with Junior and (little)A since (big)A went back to sleep after getting the older kids off to school and he checked on the cut and discovered a puss-filled knot (looks almost like a spider bite) and there were red-streaks going up her ankle. He and A rushed Junior to her doctor who refused to see the child because there's some screw up with the insurance (and oh there is a special hell for cocksuckingprick doctors that refuse to see babies because of money. Hippocratic oath my ass) and told them to take her to the emergency room instead. Mom said T just updated her and that as soon as they got one look at Junior's foot they rushed her immediately in back.

Yes, I realize in this instance that it was actually better to go to the emergency room instead of an office visit but that's not the thing that pisses me off. It's the fact that Junior's health - a baby's health - is not as important as money. Because everyone (ie: doctor's offices) knows that the insurance will pick up doctor visits after the fact within a certain period of time so they shouldn't have turned her away.

eta: I won't give the gross details (and trust me, they are) so let's just say they made T sit down because the man almost passed out watching (never seen such a macho guy so squeamish over body fluids) as it took three people to hold Junior down while they lanced it and peeled the skin back. She's now going for an x-ray to make sure that there's nothing foreign in there because of how fast the infection kicked in. T told mom he never wants to see one of his kids in that much pain in his life. He honestly didn't think it'd hurt her so much or else he would have had them numb the area first.

eta2: Junior is doing better, the x-ray didn't show anything in there. They took a bunch of blood and said that the infection was trying to go into her bloodstream so they pumped her full of antibiotics and gave her something for the 101 fever (I don't know when it started but I can tell you that it'd be hard to tell if Junior was running a fever because the child runs hot, the same as V). T didn't get home with her until almost 5pm and the ER taken her in back about 11:30am and he'd been to her doctor before then so it was a long day for daddy and his baby girl (found out that (big)A had stayed home with (little)A) and when I went over to see her she was laying in bed (leaning on her stuffed dolls) awake but sort of chilling out with her bottle.