September 10th, 2008

Easy to Please (John/Chiana)

I think I need a smoke after watching this.

I was searching Youtube for a certain song by Rick Springfield and found this clip of him playing the blues. ohmyfuckinggawd.....

This is why he was my first crush. Just look at him play the guitar!! One day I will get to see him in concert dammit!

eta: Eeeeee!! I found Guenevere!!
Hug (Cam/Teal'c)

PSA: Little Black Dress Ficathon - Last Day to Sign-Up.

Today is the last day to sign up for lilblckdressfic. If you know of anyone that's been procrastinating, give them a poke and let them know they have until midnight pacific time to join in the fun.

I'd been intending on crossposting on a few comms but between this, that and a migraine it completely slipped my mind.

(swear I'm going to stop spamming now)
Shooter (John)

Sons of Anarchy

Anyone else catching this show? I've only seen one episode (tonights) and I love all of the acting in it, as well as the characters but the one that's going to make me come back next week is Katey Sagal's, Gemma. She blew my ass away.

It looks like they're going to be streaming it over on so I'll be able to catch the first episode over there. (once my connection decides to behave)