September 6th, 2008

Headache (John)

I'm a bit strange

I know that news is shocking to you, my dear flist, but I am.

I woke up with a bad headache (went to bed with one actually), already popped four Aleve and I was just fixing to go back to bed when I saw this on my flist. I think you all will like this even if you don't care for Metallica (*gasp* *shock*) because their videos are always far better than the usual fare.

Metallica's new video, The Day That Never Comes

This makes me feel better. And I really can't wait for when the new album comes out cause that baby is going to be mine.

Thank yous need to go to jukebox20 for pointing this out to me.
Scream (John)

(no subject)

still got a headache. actually it's lead into migraine country and i've been asleep most of the day with some funky dreams about the coming of some big bad evil, but there was a lovely arrangement of roses in the garden. i do not try and figure these types out anymore. i woke up feeling all sweaty and i can barely keep my head upright or stay awake. it's getting better though since i can now at least focus my eyes and not wince at every damn noise.

going to go get a shower now and try and feel human.

eta: after a shower, a light dinner and dozing off and on during The Color Purple my head has decided to act like a head instead of a bongo. haven't had a migraine of this type in a damn long time and i'd rather not have another one ever. they are a special breed of suck.