August 30th, 2008

Please Wake me (Cameron)

SG-1 Fic: After All the Roads of My Life

Author's Note: I haven't had a movie affect me so damn hard and fast as Continuum in a long time and this was written within a day or so of watching it. (I've just been slow to finish the edits.) Thank you so much to ivorygates for beta'ing this and giving me a freaking aneurysm (I really do appreciate it with all my heart, doll) and for poking me to finish the edits. All other mistakes are my own.
Spoilers: Continuum
Summary: Fives ways Cameron Mitchell lives his life
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Sadly these characters belong to MGM and not me.

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Hush (John/Aeryn)

Ghost Ship

I'm still part way through the movie but I've just got to say...

Ain't No Damn Way I would have stepped on that freakin' ship in the first place.

I really didn't expect to enjoy this movie. I like it when they manage to surprise me. :D
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