July 30th, 2008

Team (SG-1)

That's it. I'm done with Sci-fi. It has me looking up temporal paradoxes. Continuum Review

First of all let me ask that you forgive this because I am terrible at these things and tend to be slightly biased of certain characters (shush you in the peanut gallery), but I do try and view them equally in light of the story even if I tend to go all fangirl on occasion. I've actually got a couple big posts I need to finish for AoT and after mainlining the entire series here while back, but my love for this movie is on the serious freaking 'whoa' side of life and I must share my happiness. You might also hear from my vidder side of things, it can't be helped. Ever since I started vidding (and listening to a certain actor talk about filming during commentaries *glares at Ben Browder*) it has become a welcome hazard because I can honestly say that I can enjoy a movie on a variety of levels (this includes movies where I actually can't stand the story or acting).

Anyway… I shall start off with the admission that I have now watched this four times already (lost count, hazard of vidding.*blush*). Considering my obsessive personality when I like something… I'm doing good. Collapse )

The end…for now. :D

*puts ice wrist after all the waving*